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VFW Post 2485 Post History

VFW Post 2485

1993 - 1994

Commander:  Edward Lyons

Senior Vice Commander:  Ernest Audet

Junior Vice Commander:  Michael DeSare

Membership at the end of the 1993 calendar year: 406, including 214 Life Members

 - Senior Vice Commander Ralph Milward,  Department of Pacific Areas transferred his membership to Post 2485.

 - The District VII Commander presented the Post a Certificate of Appreciation “for outstanding support during the Department Convention.”

 - The Post received a plaque from VFW Post 10216 for support, hospitality and dedicated effort during the June 1993 Department Convention.

 - The Post received a plaque for the Department Commander “for support during the Department Convention.”

 - Post received VFW National Award for Community Projects.

 - Past Commander Eugene Hermann, Comrades Steve Piechocky, Paul Jackson, Pete Peterson  and Bob House attended Veterans Day Observation and Luncheon at the Corregidor Memorial.  President and Mrs. Clinton, Secretary of State Warren Christopher and U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Negroponte were in attendance.  Republic of the Philippines Fidel V. Ramos also attended.

 - In December, the Post hosted a Christmas Party for children at the Pearl Buck Foundation Home in Angeles City.

 - In December, the Post also held a Christmas Party for the children of the Gallion Evacuation Center.


 - The Post received a flag flown over the USS Arizona Memorial.  The flag was flown on 7 December 1993 and presented by Comrades living in the Japan area.

 - The Post achieved status as a Banner Year Post.

 - In February, the VFW Business Center was opened by the Checkmark Trading Service.

 - Secondary eruption of Mt Pinatubo.  Two-three inches of lahar dumped on the Post Home and grounds, partially undoing the major effort that had been expended removing previous fallout. 

 - Comrade Paul Morganthal elected to position of Senior Vice Commander, District VII.

 - On 25 April, the Post supported the Returned & Services League (RSL) in their ANZAC Day Observance at the Clark Cemetery.

 - In May, Post members attended the 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off and Miss Chili Pepper Contest at La Union.  This event is sponsored by Post 9892.

- In May the Post provided support to American Legion Post 123 in the observation of Memorial Day at the Clark Cemetery

 - In June, after deciding the Clark Cemetery was a disgrace to all Veterans buried there, the Post  organized a general clean up for the entire Cemetery.  Up until this time only the general area around the entrance was maintained.  Initially there were eight U.S. Veterans and three local hires involved in the clean-up.  Eventually there were as many as 30 volunteers, from area Veterans organizations, involved in the clean-up.

 - The Post received a framed litho print entitled “American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, 1941-1942".  The print was a gift from Department of Pacific Areas Commander R.W. Joyce in 1993.   

 - In June, the Post hosted the 28th Anniversary Department of Pacific Areas Convention and the 25th Grand Scratch, MOC.

 - Comrade Ralph Milward elected to the position of Commander, Department Pacific Areas,

 - Comrade Jesse Foster designated Department of Pacific Areas Service Officer of the Year

 - Fourteen operations were performed by the Children’s Operation Fund.


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