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We at VFW Post 2485 support and maintain the cemetery here at former Clark Air Base in the Philippines this cemetery is the final resting place for some 2030 fallen American soldiers including at least 638 Philippine scouts from the pre-WWII era. The Clark Air Base Cemetery was formed between 1947 and 1950 by moving the headstones/markers and remains from at least four other U.S. military cemeteries (Fort Stotsenburg 1 and 2, Fort McKinley and Sangley Point Naval Cemetery) to the new 20.365 acre, 12,000 plot cemetery located just inside the Main Gate of Clark Air Base.  All WWII dead were moved to the American Cemetery, Manila.

    The cemetery contains the remains of U.S. Veterans from the USA, USN, USMC, USCG, USAF, Philippine Scouts (PS) and their dependents.  Some, but not, all were veterans of the Spanish/American, Philippine Insurrection, WWI, WWII (died after the war), Korean and Vietnam Wars.  The largest category interred is civilian, mostly U.S. and Filipino, all of whom worked for the U.S. Government and their dependents.  In addition, nationals from France, Spain, Canada, Japan, China, Vietnam and India are buried there. 

    It is only because of the continuing generosity of the many people from around the world that support our work. We do not receive any kind of federal funding or other government support. Please help us to continue this good work by joining the Grave Diggers.


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