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VFW Post 2485


1.  The following is the VFW Post 2485 Clark Cemetery Report for November 2000.

A. One U.S. veteran donated 135  man hours working on cemetery projects this month.

(1)     Four local hires worked 696 man hours over 22 work days.

(2)     The Clark Development Corporation (CDC) contract trash and leaves cleanup crews worked every day.  

B. Total expenditures for November were (P 21,762.50). The expenditure sheet for the month is attached.                  

C.  Flag inventory:

      The flags were changed on 2 November.

     (1)  Five sets of new flags

     (2)  One set of repaired flags

D.  Burial ceremonies:

(1)   Alexander S. Curtis Jr. U.S. Army (PFC) was buried at the Clark Cemetery November 7. Grave side services were conducted by VFW Post 2485.

E.  Donations for cemetery maintenance:

     (1)  VFW Post 9791                    Frazier Park CA                                  $500.00

F.  Cemetery Visitors:

(1)       COL Russell Lewey, USAF, Defense and air Attache, U.S. Embassy

(2)       LCOL Allan Crawford, USAF, JUSMAFPHIL

(3)       COL Charles Hotchkiss, Deputy Command 600th Air Base Wing

(4)       Engineer Rudy Arias, Clark Development Corporation

(5)       Vice Mayor Zalamea, Angeles City, Pampanga

(6)       Mr. Don Sanders, U.S. Veterans Administration

(7)       Melvin O’Briant, Commander District VII, VFW

(8)       COL Rene Certeza, Command American Legion Post 94

(9)       LCOL Anthony Senci, USAF, Asst. Air Attache, U.S. Embassy

(10)   SSgt. Erik Moore, Defense Attache Office

(11)   Mr. Jim Boyd, Director, Retired Affairs Office, Angeles City

(12)   COMDR Noel Kramer, VFW Post 124, Bagio City

(13)   COMDR Marvin Kirsch, VFW Post 9892, La Union

(14)   CMDR Ted Philipps, VFW Post 11447, Barrio Barretto

(15)   VFW Post 2485, Angeles City

(16)   Military Order of the Cooties, Pup Tent 15, Angeles City

(17)   American Legion Post 123 and their Ladies Auxiliary, Angeles City

(18)   American Legion Post 10, Angeles City

(19)   American Legion Post 94, Manila

(20)   40/8, Angeles City

(21)   Chapter 3, Disabled American Veterans and their Ladies Auxiliary

(22)   Retired U.S. Military Philippines Association (RUMPA)

(23)   The Beagles, Angeles City

(24)   Det. XLVI, U.S. Army Special Forces Association

(25)   Australia’s Returned and Services League (R&SL), Angeles City Branch

(26)   Military Order of the Cooties, Pup Tent 7, La Union

(27)   Military Order of the Cooties, Pup Tent 11, Barrio Barreto

(28)   American Legion Post 4 and their Ladies Auxiliary, Barrio Barreto

(29)   Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 367 and their Ladies Auxiliary, San Miguel

(30)   Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 74, Olongapo City

(31)   636th Base Services Sq. Band, Philippine Air Force

(32) 620th Security Police Group Firing Detail and Color Guard, Philippine Air Force

G.  Remarks:

(1)  The donation by VFW Post 9791 Frazier Park CA was made on behalf of Comrade Ray Sisk, Commander and Chief Junior Vice. The Post has pledged to make the same donation each year until 2003 for maintenance of Clark Cemetery.

 (2) The Veterans Day Ceremony was opened at 1100 hours, 11 November 2000 at the Clark              Cemetery by Commander Gerald Prinz of VFW Post 2585, Angeles City. The National Anthems     of the Republic of the Philippines, the United States and Australia were played by the 636th  Services Squadron Band, Philippine Air Force, Clark Air Base. After the opening prayer was given by Chaplain Joe Carsley, Commander Prinz introduced the Distinguished Guests, Participating Organizations and persons responsible for the maintenance and care of the cemetery.

The following guest speakers were introduced by Commander Prinz in order of appearance: COL Russell Lewey, U.S. Embassy, Manila; COL Charles Hotchkiss, Deputy Commandre 600th Air Base Wing; Vice Mayor Zalamea Angeles City; Mr. Don Sanders, Veterans Administration Manila; Commanders comments by Commander Gerald Prinz, VFW Post 2485. The BELL CEREMONY was conducted by the Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 367. All were asked to rise for the Joint Placing of the Wreath at the Marker of the Unknown by COL Lewey, COL Crawford, COL Hotchkiss, Vice Mayor Zalamea Mr. Sanders, Commander O’Briant and Commander Prinz. Rifle Salute and Taps were performed by 620th Security Police Group Firing Detail and 636th Base Services Sq. Band of the Philippine Air Force. Chaplain Carsley recited the closing prayer and at the conclusion of the ceremony Commander Prinz invited all in attendance to the VFW Post 2485 Post Home for our annual Veterans Day Picnic.

(3)ALCON are advised that if you/your organization wish to receive this report by E-mail, send your E-mail address to [email protected].

(4) As of  November 30, the Grave Diggers membership stands at 486.

Yours in Comradeship

Al Mitchell

Chairman, Clark Cemetery Committee

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 Financial Repost November 2000

All Amounts in Philippine Peso's

Date Item Debit Credit Balance
1-Nov Balance from October   10733.00 10733.00
1-Nov Wages 680.00   10053.00
1-Nov Gas 200.00   9853.00
2-Nov Wages 520.00   9333.00
2-Nov Gas 100.00   9233.00
4-Nov Wages 680.00   8553.00
4-Nov Gas 200.00   8353.00
5-Nov Wages 320.00   8033.00
6-Nov Gas 680.00   7353.00
6-Nov Wages 300.00   7053.00
6-Nov Crypt Payment   6000.00 13053.00
7-Nov Gas 200.00   12853.00
8-Nov Wages 680.00   12173.00
8-Nov Gas 100.00   12073.00
9-Nov Wages 680.00   11393.00
9-Nov Gas 200.00   11193.00
10-Nov Wages 680.00   10513.00
10-Nov Gas 300.00   10213.00
11-Nov Wages 680.00   9533.00
11-Nov Gas 100.00   9433.00
13-Nov Wages 680.00   8753.00
13-Nov Gas 300.00   8453.00
14-Nov Wages 680.00   7773.00
14-Nov Gas 200.00   7573.00
14-Nov         Cash Deposit   20000.00 27573.00
15-Nov Wages 680.00   26893.00
15-Nov Gas 200.00   26693.00
15-Nov Weedeater Cord 225.00   26468.00
16-Nov Wages 680.00   25788.00
16-Nov Gas 200.00   25588.00
17-Nov Wages 680.00   24908.00
17-Nov Gas 200.00   24708.00
20-Nov Wages 680.00   24028.00
20-Nov Gas 300.00   23728.00
20-Nov       Donation   500.00 24228.00
21-Nov Wages 680.00   23548.00
21-Nov Gas 200.00   23348.00
21-Nov Seat Belts for Vehicle 1500.00   21848.00
22-Nov Wages 680.00   21168.00
22-Nov Gas 200.00   20968.00
23-Nov Wages 680.00   20288.00
23-Nov Gas 200.00   20088.00
24-Nov Wages 680.00   19408.00
24-Nov Gas 200.00   19208.00
27-Nov Wages 680.00   18528.00
27-Nov Gas 250.00   18278.00
27-Nov Flag Pole Lanyard 67.50   18210.50
28-Nov Wages 680.00   17530.50
28-Nov Gas 200.00   17330.50
29-Nov Wages 680.00   16650.50
29-Nov Gas 250.00   16400.50
30-Nov Wages 680.00   15720.50
30-Nov Gas 250.00   15470.50
  Totals 21762.50 37233.00 15470.50