The Military Order of the Cootie is the Honor Degree of the VFW, all Cooties must be members in good standing of the VFW. Pup Tent 15 was established in May 1995 and currently has 45 members. Pup Tent 15 conducts its monthly Scratches every 3rd Saturday, at 1500 hrs, in the New VFW Post Home, Angeles City, Philippines.

Street Children Social

The Pup Tent is involved in the following projects.

HOSPITAL VISITS: Cooties from Pup Tent 15 made over 600 hospital visits to local area veterans.

EYE GLASS PROJECT: In this program the Pup Tent collects old or unused glasses and with the help of local doctors distributes them to the needy.

CLARK CEMETARY SUPPORT: Pup Tent 15 supports all post functions at the cemetery. Cootie B.K. Hubbard served three years as Chairman of the Post Cemetery Committee. Al Mitchell, the current Chairman is a prospective Cootie member.

CLARK CEMETARY GRAVE DIGGERS: A support group devoted to the care and maintenance of the Clark Cemetery. This is a program of our parent Post 2485, however, from its inception has been administered by the Pup Tent. The Grave Diggers currently has over 390 members and has raised over $6,500.00 for cemetery support.

limited support to Pup Tent 7 ( LaUnion ) in support of the Heinz Woelke Blind School in Baguio. We make quarterly donations of bread, and during the annual District meeting , we visit the school. Last February we collected about 24 jars of peanut butter and mayonnaise for the school, (a number of these children have never had bread and peanut butter.

READING LIBRARY: Pup Tent 15 is currently collecting books to establish a reading library for young readers. This library will be in the Canteen Office of the New Post Home. Supporters both locally and off island have been very helpful in this program.

PEARL S. BUCK CHRISTMAS PARTY: Members of Pup Tent 15 are very much involved in helping VFW Post 2485 with the annual Pearl S. Buck Foundation Christmas Party, which over the past few years has averaged between 300 and 350 children.


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