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The VFW Post 2485

Grave Diggers

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This application for the VFW Post 2485 " Grave Diggers" allows you to be buried anywhere you desire and can afford. If burial at the Clark Cemetery you get a discount on digging the grave and the graveside ceremony (upon request). Furnished piners, lamenters, bewailers, criers, dancers and sackcloth will be at extra expense.
NOTE: This membership does not, repeat not entitle you to be buried in the Clark Cemetery, and burial at the Clark Cemetery requires eligibility.

Membership is open to anyone who has a desire to support the Clark Cemetery.

Upon arrival of this application, you will receive a Grave Digger Pin, Certificate and wallet size Membership Card.

Proceeds from the $25. Membership fee will be utilized to support the Clark Cemetery.

This program will be maintained and administered by Pinatubo-Pup tent 15, Angeles City, Philippines in support of the Post. VFW Post 2485 is the sponsoring Post of Pup Tent 15.

In November 1994, after signing an MOA with the Clark Development Corporation (CDC), VFW Post 2485 assumed full time caretaker responsibility for care and maintenance of the Clark Cemetery.

The Clark Cemetery receives no U.S. Government Funding. VFW Post 2485 is only able to budget the maintenance of the cemetery through donations of money and services from various individuals, military organizations, veterans groups (nationally, locally and throughout the VFW Department of Pacific Areas) and civic/business organizations.

Mail application and $25. fee to:

VFW Post 2485, Grave Diggers
Box R-CV
FPO AP 96517


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