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VFW Post 2485

Last Spanish American War Hero Needs Help

As you know, the Veterans of Foreign Wars can, as an organization, trace its origins back to the era of the Spanish American War. Coincidentally, the last veteran of that conflict needs your help today - the Cruiser OLYMPIA!

The cruiser OLYMPIA, Admiral Dewey's flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898 is permanently moored at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. Work is underway to preserve the vessel, but the task is monumental. Estimates are presently exceeding $30 million for the preservation project. Her thinning hull and other problems are making the need for action urgent. Obviously, for her to survive for future generations, help from the general public and people to whom the vessel should be particularly important, such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars is badly needed. We ask that you help us spread the word about the OLYMPIA's plight to your members in hopes that some may find it in the interest of the country to provide a tax deductible donation to the ship through the Michael Borsuk Fund for OLYMPIA Preservation (Mike was a member of the ship's living historian crew who passed away this last summer while awaiting a liver transplant. He has been honored by his crewmates with the fund being created in his honor).

More information on the fund is available through the fund's website at http://www.spanamwar.com/olyhelp.htm. We also request that you consider adding a link to the fund website on your organization's website. If you have any question, please contact me, or contact the development department of Independence Seaport Museum, OLYMPIA's caretaker.

Thank you!

Patrick McSherry

Living History Crew of the USFS OLYMPIA

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Thank You For your Support VFW Post 2485