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DATE: January 8, 2001

SUBJECT:  Post 2485 Meeting Minutes for the Month of January 2001

TO:  See Distribution

1.      Following are the minutes of the Monthly Meeting of VFW Post 2485 conducted on January 7, 2001 at the Post Home.

2.      Senior Vice Commander Buddy McGuire opened the meeting at 1000 hours. The opening ceremonies were conducted according to the VFW Ritual.

3.      The Commander recognized distinguished members and guests. Department Commander Paul Gasperson and District VII Quartermaster Frank Hilliard.

4.      Roll call of officers is annotated at Attachment 1.

5.      Comrade Wilsey presented new membership applications.  Motion made, seconded, and approved to accept new members listed at Attachment 2.

6.      Reading of the Minutes: Motion made by the Adjutant to accept the minutes of the December 2000 meeting as posted, subject to correction.  The motion was seconded and passed.

7.      The Post Quartermaster provided the financial status as of 31 December 2000.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the Post Quartermaster Report, subject to Audit.  (Attachment 3).

8.      Reading of Communications by Commander/Adjutant;  None.

9.       Service Officer/Surgeon Report: Verbal report by Comrade Johnson (see attach  7   )

          The following are currently hospitalized:

           Comrade Ernest Simmons ---AUF

           Comrade Jim Frisbee  --AUF

10.  Safety Officer Report: None

11.   Comrade or family of a Comrade in distress: None.

12.   Committee Reports:

  1. Membership Report: Report by Comrade Wilsey (Attach. 2).  Current membership is 1111, which represents 104.02% of last yearís membership.
  2. Childrenís Operation Program: Three Cleft Lip operations completed at a cost of $879.15 and 18 man-hours.    
  3. Post Home Committee Report: (Attachment 4). Verbal report by PHC Chairman Banning explained the reasons for no cash turnover to Post from Canteen.  Reporting procedures did not include accounts payable and that the amount due at reached P131,000.  The current report reflects a deficit of P53028 in accounts payable.  The remainder will be made up in January.  The reporting procedure has been corrected to prevent future occurrence.  Comrade Banning also reported the PHC is currently reviewing menu prices.  The cost of merchandise and services such as electricity, gas chicken and pork has risen drastically.  The review should be completed prior to the next PHC meeting and presented for PHC review.
  4. Pearl Buck Committee: No report.               
  5. Hospital Chairmanís Report: Included with Surgeons report at attachment 7. 
  6. Clark Cemetery/Grave Diggers Report: Chairman Mitchell presented verbal report. (Attachment 5 for written report).   National JVC Ray Siskís present a check for $3,500 from the National VFW organization for cemetery maintenance support.
  7. Community Activities Report: Verbal report by Chairman Feldt, in which he advised that about 20 programs would be submitted for the month.  He also highlighted the major ones.
  8. Trustees Report: Verbal report by Comrade Miller.  Comrade Banning asked for a thorough audit of the canteen operation.  The auditors will look into it.
  9. Post Relief Committee Report: Verbal report by Chaplain Burrus.  (See attach   )
  10. Pup Tent 15: Seam Squirrel Donaldson advised the next scratch would be the 3rd Saturday in January at 1500 hours.
  11. Newsletter/Web site Report: Verbal report by Comrade Barker.  The web site had 18,000 hits last month.            
  12.  Poppy Report: No report.
  13. VOD/ Youth Essay: verbal report by SVC McGuire.  5 Youth Essay entrants have been received and will be judged next week.

13.   The National Home was remembered.

14.   Unfinished Business:  None

15.  New Business:  None

16.  Good of the Order:

a.       RSL Raffle currently ongoing.  We have 40 books.  See Cliff

b.      Post debt has been reduced from Approx. $40,000.00 to approx. $22,000.00 in the past year.   Hopefully by next year at this time it will be eliminated.

c.       Letter from Shrine Oasis read thanking the VFW for donation of gift packages for the Shriners Christmas Party for crippled children.

d.      District T-shirts were discussed.  No firm details available.

e.       Senior Vice Commander McGuire presented Employee of the Month Awards to Waitress Luz Welch and Kitchen Employee Marilou Sotto.

f.        Baguio Fun day will be on 8February which includes a golf tournament.  VFW Post 2485 will sponsor a hole for P2,000.  Any one else that desires to do so should see SVC McGuire.

g.       John Welch was the winner of the drawing for two free steak dinners.

h.       Beagle #1 Donaldson presented a Thank You letter to SVC McGuire for VFW Post 2485ís donation to the Beagles Christmas Give Away program.

i.         Comrade Walt Gore volunteered his service as an auditor or financial advisor whenever needed.

j.        DAV SVC Welch announced that the VA van would be going to the CA Clinic 5 days a week.  Space available travel on the van has been reinstated.

17.  There being no further business to come before the membership, the Senior Vice Commander conducted closing ceremonies in accordance with the VFW Ritual.  The next regular meeting will be held on February 4, 2001.  The next Officerís Call will be on January 31, 2001.


KEN SCHAEFER                                                   BUDDY MCGUIRE                                                            ADJUTANT                                                              SENIOR VICE COMMANDER                                            


1. Roll Call of Officers

2. Membership Applicants

3. Quartermaster Report

4. Post Home Committee Report

5. Cemetery Report:

6.  Post Relief Fund Report

7.  Service Officer/Hospital Chairman Report



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