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DATE:  December 3, 2000

SUBJECT:  Post 2485 Meeting Minutes for the Month of  December 2000

TO:  See Distribution

1.      Following are the minutes of the Monthly Meeting of VFW Post 2485 conducted on December 3, 2000 at the Post Home.

2.      Commander Jerry Prinz opened the meeting at 1000 hours. The opening ceremonies were conducted according to the VFW Ritual.

3.      The Commander recognized distinguished members and guests. (None)

4.      Roll call of officers is annotated at Attachment 1.

5.      Comrade Wilsey presented new membership applications.  Motion made, seconded, and approved to accept new members listed at Attachment 2. Commander Prinz gave the VFW oath to Comrades Ken Brown and Romero Magat.  SVC McGuire presented them with the Cross of Malta.

6.      Reading of the Minutes: Motion made by the Adjutant to accept the minutes of the November 2000 meeting as posted, subject to correction.  The motion was seconded and passed.

7.      The Post Quartermaster provided the financial status as of 3o November 2000.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed to accept the Post Quartermaster Report, subject to Audit.  (Attachment 3).

8.      Reading of Communications by Commander/Adjutant;  Commander read message from Comrade Bill Rossell in Korea which stated that their raffle had raised $4274.00 for the Children’s Operation Fund.  Check for same was presented to Post Commander Prinz.  

9.       Service Officer/Surgeon Report: Verbal report by Comrade Burrus for “Doc Johnson”

          The following are currently hospitalized:

           Comrade Pete Peterson –AUF

           Comrade Earl Dodge--- Garcia

           Comrade Bob Fuller ---Transferred from Loma Linda to another hospital in  California

10.  Safety Officer Report: Comrade Burrus urged members to keep a close watch their cell phones, as there is a rash of thefts in the area.

11.   Comrade or family of a Comrade in distress: none.

12.   Committee Reports:

  1. Membership Report: Report by Comrade Wilsey (Attach. 2).  Current membership is 1117, which represents 104.58% of last year’s membership.
  2. Children’s Operation Program: One hernia operation completed at a cost of $305.75 and 10 man-hours.  The operation was performed on the son of one of our kitchen employees.
  3. Operation Smile.  We provided one meal per day for 17 people for 6 days.  Funds came from Children’s Operation Fund.  
  4. Post Home Committee Report: (Attachment 4). Verbal report by PHC Chairman Banning thanking people for all the support for Veterans Day.  Commander added his thanks.  It was a very successful day.
  5. Pearl Buck Committee: Pearl Buck Christmas Party was held on 2 December. Bags were packed for 400 kids.  Chairman Zaher thanked all for their help.  Commander Prinz echoed his thanks.               
  6. Hospital Chairman’s Report: Included with Surgeons report at attachment 7. 
  7. Clark Cemetery/Grave Diggers Report: Chairman Mitchell presented verbal report. (Attachment 5 for written report).   National JVC Ray Sisk’s Home Post donated $500.00 to the Cemetery for this year and will continue for the next 2 years.
  8. Community Activities Report: Verbal report by Chairman Feldt,in which he advised that about 20 programs would be submitted for the month.  He also highlighted the major ones.
  9. Trustees Report: Verbal report by Comrade Miller.  October audits have been completed.
  10. Post Relief Committee Report: Chaplain Burrus suggested that the two remaining delinquent loans be dropped.  Motion made, seconded, and passed to keep them on the books and continue collection efforts.
  11. Pup Tent 15: No report.
  12. Newsletter/Web site Report: Verbal report by Comrade Barker.  The web site had 18,000 hits last month.            
  13.  Poppy Report: Verbal report by Comrade Terry Gillem. P11,830 and $11.00 were collected for Buddy Poppy Sales for the Post Relief Fund.
  14. VOD/ Youth Essay: verbal report by SVC McGuire.  One entrant has been received for the VOD Contest and judged fit to be forwarded for District competition.  So far 5 Youth Essay entrants have been received.

13.   The National Home was remembered.

14.   Unfinished Business:

a.       Veterans Day.  All committees reported on their activities.  Commander thanked all for a job well done.

b.       Post and Pup Tent have been satisfactorily inspected by the Department and Grand Inspectors.

15.  New Business:

a.         JPC Hubbard proposed by letter that VFW Post 2485 sponsor wreaths for the American Cemetery in Manila for Memorial Day and Veterans Day (P3,000 ea).  The wreaths would be ordered through the American Cemetery and billed to Post 2485.  Motion made, seconded, and passed to include the cost for Memorial Day in this years Budget Revision and the cost for Veterans Day in next years Budget.

b.        JPC Hubbard also proposed by letter to procure a board indicating Past Post Commanders and Past District and Department Commanders.  Motion made and seconded.  During discussion motion was made, seconded, and passed to table for further study of funding, possibly by the Past Commanders.

16.   Good of the Order:

a.       Grand Opening of the Church of God was a huge success.  Commander thanked the Color Guard who did an excellent job.  The Church presented the VFW with a framed plague for the support rendered by Post 2485.

b.      MAG Construction on Clark has been paid in full for items purchased in building the new Post Home. 

c.       After the C of A next week in Barrio Barretto, National JVC Ray Sisk and Council member Mark Buttler along with a future candidate for National JVC will visit the Post.  Schedule of activities are:

-       Informal Dinner at Post Home hosted by Commander Prinz at

1800     Hours on Sunday.

-       Working Breakfast at 0900 hours on Monday followed by

       Cemetery Briefing and Cemetery tour.

-       Reception at Post Home at 1700 hours on Monday.  Everyone

       welcome including wives and girl friends.

d.      Comrade Elliott updated the group on the C of A Schedule which is as follows:

-       Registration on Friday 8 December starting at 0900 hours with

       Social at 1400 hours

-       Grand Scratch on Saturday 9 December

-       VFW Business Session on Sunday 10 December

-       Automated VFW computer briefing following Business Session.

-       Hospitality Room at VFW Post 11447 starting on Friday evening.

e.       Comrade Elliott briefed member on Department Membership status.

f.        Commander Prinz presented Employee of the Month Awards to Waitress Zeny Servidad and Kitchen Employee Amy Buensalida.

g.       Planning NOW for Future Health Decisions pamphlets were handed out.

h.       Jeff Williams was the winner of the drawing for two free steak dinners.

i.         Commander Prinz will be in Thailand for a couple of weeks.  SVC McGuire will be in charge.

j.        Comrade Carsley asked about Grave Digger Certificates for members in Las Vegas.  Commander Prinz responded that we have had a computer problem and if someone will provide the names, we’ll fix the problem.

17.  There being no further business to come before the membership, the Commander conducted closing ceremonies in accordance with the VFW Ritual.  The next regular meeting will be held on January 7, 2001.  The next Officer’s Call will be on January 3, 2001.


KEN SCHAEFER                                                        GERALD PRINZ                 ADJUTANT                                                                   COMMANDER                                                  

ATTACHMENTS:   Withdrawn

1. Roll Call of Officers

2. Membership Applicants

3. Quartermaster Report

4. Post Home Committee Report

5. Cemetery Report:

6.  Post Relief Fund Report

7.  Service Officer/Hospital Chairman Report




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